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Here is the ultimate collection of everything regarding Eclipsis! Don't know what that is? Click here to learn about everything this game has to offer!  Here we have direct access to the Wikia, information about the Staff, direct access to Tournaments hosted by UCGT, and a whole load more!


Website Information

The website is now mobile friendly!
Elongated Menu Button will be fixed soon I swear.


Community Information

One of the largest developer discord servers, Hidden Developers, has partnered with the Official Eclipsis discord server for one of the largest Tournament events in Eclipsis' history with bountiful prizes. The first 1st place prize is 7,500R$, the 2nd place prize is 3,000R$, and the 3rd place prize is 2,000R$. Check them out at


Website Information

Added mobile compatability.

Added Tournaments page.

Added Events segment in the Home page.

Reimplemented the start-up animation with better logic.

Added social media links to as much of the staff team as possible for now (huge), updated About's background photo.

Added About page.

Added a Wikia Discord Server link and Random Page link to the Wikia page, changed smallSegment width from 40% to 43%, changed Staff layout for user convenience.

Fixed linkSegments so their clickable range is only on the element itself.

Have started work on the Wikia page, updated internal code, and am steps closer to auto-updating discord profiles.

Changed the Nav Buttons so they wrap instead of going off screen when scaling down the viewport size, you should be able to see the pages on phone now without it breaking too badly.

I forgot to add Intellectual Pig to the Eclipsis Moderators team xd he is now listed.

Updated and corrected some of the Staff's descriptions from typos and updated Thunder's pfp.

Lansraad has joined the Website Staff team and now has a place in Website Staff.

Updated Website and Wikia Staff descriptions and added more detail to Developer descriptions.

Updated every webpage's footer to auto-detect the year and be owned by Goopy rather than NPGANG.

Made Updates segment's content scrollable to keep all updates without filing the page.

Added Website Staff to the Staff navigation menu.

Redesigned entire Staff page structure and finished: Developers, Eclipsis Moderators, UGCT Staff, and Wikia Staff!

Updated the background image for the Staff page.

Have started work on the Staff page, you can now see Developers of the game from there.

Improved top-left logo, lowered header height from 6em to 5em.

Got the website online! :D Added favicon for the tab.

Added a blue gradient in the loading animation and added a slight bounce.

Removed blur from background images. (Very Sharp)

Centered loading screen, increased Main Segment borders width from 2px to 3px.

Cleaned code and restructured the Home page.

Main Segments now have small 2 pixel wide borders.

-- 6/20/2019 --