The Game

Eclipsis is a very unique game with a lot of features, strategies, and gameplay mechanics that make it fun to play and entertaining to learn. It was coded in Lua through the Roblox game engine and is free to play.

The game was made by F.F.T.L, a group created by Davidii and Defaultio, and has recently been worked on by BusyCityGuy. In Eclipsis, players play as mercenaries operating for corporations on Earth who want control over the assumed endless supply of Iridium on the planet of Eclipsis. Iridium is an almost magical element with the ability to melt apart and reform into any molecular structure possible allowing it to turn into anything almost instantaneously. Each team must use the supply of Iridium to build bases and power weapons to dominate the battlefield and eliminate all other rivaling teams.

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Official Eclipsis Twitter

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