Upholders of Eclipsis

There are multiple categories of staff constantly striving to transform the Eclipsis community into a better place and foster a fuller and safer experience for its users. Listed here is a navigation menu to a detailed description about each and every staff member.

If you are a staff member and want to add/change your currently listed information DM me on Discord. (Goopy#3065)


Creators of Eclipsis

The Developers of Eclipsis are hard at work creating and maintainng the prized game and community in the official Eclipsis Discord Server.

Eclipsis Moderators

Moderators of Eclipsis

The Eclipsis Moderators are tasked with moderating the official Eclipsis Discord Server and keeping it safe and mature for every single member.

UCGT Staff

Staff of the UCGT

The UCGT Staff members are dedicating their time and efforts to handle and host official Eclipsis Tournaments in the UCGT Discord Server for all to participate in and enjoy.

Wikia Staff

Staff of the Eclipsis Wikia

The Wikia Staff members are dedicated to creating/improving the official Eclipsis Wikia for all to use.

Website Staff

Staff of the Eclipsis Website

The Website Staff members are dedicated to creating/improving this website to the best of their abilites specifically for your user experience.